New in the Kitchen

Missing what’s not there? —

Today I was approached by someone who was missing the ingredients we’re working so hard to bake/cook without. It actually took me a minute to understand what she was trying to say. I’m so often confronted with complicated dietary restrictions that I immediately racked my brain to figure out what her “special need” was and what we could whip up for her. More…

Raw Raw Raw!! —

Raw Raw Raw!! image

I think we’ve finally created a great selection of  Raw Food options that we can sustain- even if it gets super busy! Our Collard Wraps with cashew pate, avo, carrots and and assortment of  fun veggies has really been a hit. More…

Rototilling! —

Rototilling! image

We are trying, yet again, to garden in Central Oregon! This year we have our resident “green thumb” LaCynda working her super green magic. Our goal is to grow all of our leafy friends to supply the bakery year round! We’re planting edible flowers, kale, spinach, lettuce, parsley, collard greens and of course…Simon’s monster Zucchini!