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The Remodel, 2000 —

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The Remodel, 2000
What a great day it was when we knocked down the walls and expanded the Bakery. We miss Don the Barber and everything — but now we have room to boogie! In just six long/short weeks we were open for business in our fabulous new location.

Northern Lights Bakery Expands —

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Northern Lights Bakery Expands
(Nugget Newspaper, Feb. 14, 2000)

After five weeks of intense labor and planning, Northern Lights Bakery reopened Monday, February 12, with twice as much room and an expanded menu as well… In addition to the many customers who came by checking on the project and asking when they could again purchase a Northern Lights bagel, a number of folks joined in the construction project… More…

Tree to be or not to tree —

Tree to be or not to tree
(Nugget Newspaper, 1997)

The Sisters City Council grudgingly granted a reprieve to a 50-foot aspen tree at their meeting on May 29.

The tree’s execution was imminent, as it stands in the center of a new sidewalk ready to be poured in front of Northern Lights Bakery and Habitat for Humanity. Mayor Steve Wilson said, “As much as I love trees, it is the wrong place for a tree — smack in the middle of the sidewalk.” City Administrator Barbara Warren said, “It’s a scrubby little tree.” More…

Northern Lights —

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Northern Lights
(The Source Newspaper, 1997)

“A unique product and atmosphere,” describes owner, Angeline Agre when summing up what makes her Northern Lights Bakery in Sisters different from the rest. Perhaps this can partly be attributed to the bakery’s hard working and fun-loving staff of five women who, as Agre states, have made 210 W. Main St. “a part of people’s day.”

…Northern Lights uses unique ingredients that emphasize a healthier approach toward baking. This means utilizing products such as organic flour, creating gluten-free breads, and sticking with natural sugars like honey… More…