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The Bakery turns 26!! —

26 years ago, I opened a Bakery. What was supposed to be a short stop on the way to…. somewhere else, became one of the most crazy and fulfilling adventures of my life. It started innocently enough, A drive over the pass in 1995 to fight fire for Sisters Ranger District, a simple basket of lunches around town for some extra cash, then yeah sure…. I’ll open a tiny little store front for a minute. The fact that I stumbled into such a significant tailor-made career is just scary dumb luck.
Cruising through the years of photos/memories/”eras” I am so fortunate to have worked side by side with so many colorful, creative, weird, hilarious people. This business is literally made up of all your collective hard work and abundant energy and I am so grateful. To those who have stuck around a little longer that is where the real magic began…to do “life” with you in such an intimate setting has been truly epic. I cannot imagine my formidable adult years without each of you nudging me along and am honored that I might be a small part of your story as well. I love that we bear witness to each other’s continued transformation and cheer each other on from near and far.
This little Bakery would not exist without the continued support of our irregular regulars, our amazing customers, our community. You have been our reason for being and our connection to the landscape of this little town. Fabulous Food for Fabulous People…. this means you! Some of you have literally been ordering the same thing for 26 years, some can be counted on to change it up seasonally or even annually, some folks are just arriving on the scene and pushing us to create new and yummy offerings. The COVID months we spent behind Plexiglas were a stark reminder of the color and texture you bring to this business every single day! We are so glad to have you back inside and hopefully soon we will all see each other’s smiling faces.
Henry, Simon, and Oscar this business has been intertwined in our lives…. forever! Thank you for all the emergency bagel rolling, toilet plunging, runs to Bend for supplies and countless hours listening to me process my day, week, month. You have all loved and snuggled the Bakery as our 5th family member and taken time to nurture and care for it when needed. To be able to share the perspective of all these years of Bakery life with my family is my greatest joy.
My New Year/ New Quarter Century Angeline’s Bakery Goals Extravaganza are to continue to offer Fabulous Food for Fabulous People, add sassy alternative takes on your average Bakery fare, create new fresh juices and smoothies so you can count on a healing boost any time of day, and continue to curate an amazing crew that will keep the vibe high and the food amazing and me sane.
Thanks for the opportunity to continue to be in business!

Quarantine Extravaganza —

It took me a minute to catch my breath and reassess the “New Normal”.

There are still many people having to work and looking for food options while they are here in town as well as those who wish to buy items in bulk and stock their pantries. That said, I feel comfortable making a limited amount of Angeline’s Bakery items available during a limited time frame each day.

I will be preparing your orders personally and my oldest son Simon will greet you at the door or your car and take your payments. All orders will be bagged except for drinks. My youngest son Oscar is available for deliveries from 10 am to 12 pm. Both are hyper trained on the protocols of sanitation and will be wearing gloves between each customer as well as wiping down any surfaces that come into contact with the public.

Contact me directly if you have any suggestions or concerns,



Article: Bend Bulletin August 30, 2011 —

A sweet alternative in a cowboy town
Angeline’s Bakery continues to bring new food ideas to Sisters

By Jordan Novet / The Bulletin
August 30. 2011

Angeline Rhett, owner of Angeline’s Bakery, started her Sisters business from a red wooden wagon in the mid-1990s.

The basics:
What: Angeline’s Bakery LLC
Where: 121 W. Main St., Sisters
Employees: 12
Website: https://angelinesbakery.com
Phone: 541-549-9122

SISTERS — Angeline Rhett moved here from Portland in 1995 to fight fires. When the fire season ended, she decided to stick around, and she needed money to live.

The best idea she could think of? Making food from scratch — something she had enjoyed doing while growing up in Portland — and selling it on an informal basis.

She connected with the owner of Northern Lights Bakery, which occupied the space Angeline’s now owns, on West Main Avenue in Sisters, and arranged to make her own sandwiches and bake cookies in the bakery’s kitchen. She sold her goods throughout Sisters from a red wooden wagon.

It was a primitive operation, but it was a start.

In 1996, Rhett bought Northern Lights’ assets and took over the business and the entire space early in 1997. When it came time to make new signs a year or two later, she changed the name to Angeline’s Bakery & Cafe.

Rhett, now 42, said her business has adapted to better fit her life in the 16 years she has owned it. Her role in the bakery has waxed and waned to accommodate changes such as having children. And, now that they’re older, she said she is back to full-time work, sometimes getting up at 4 a.m. to bake and at other times going in late to roll bagels.

Instead of acting on market trends or even information from her customers, Rhett has followed her own passions to make decisions about what she makes and sells.

Over the years, Rhett has become involved in gluten-free baking, making products without sugar, eating raw foods and blending smoothies made from vegetables grown in her More…

Wheatgrass Juice: Superfood or Superhype? —

Wheatgrass Juice: Superfood or Superhype?
Sep 07, 2011
by Jeff Spry CBN Feature Writer

Angeline Rhett, owner of Angeline’s Bakery in downtown Sisters, knows a thing or two about healthful eating. Her delicious gluten-free and vegan baked goods that vanish from the display cases faster than you can say Jack LaLanne are created with the finest natural ingredients with a concerned eye toward improving ones lifestyle through good food.

A new item to the menu, though certainly not new in the universe of health foods, is Liquid Sunshine Wheatgrass, which can be bought as frozen take-home cubes or blended into green drinks and fruit smoothies. Often labeled Nature’s Finest Medicine, the Nectar Of Rejuvenation or The Blood Of All Life, wheatgrass is enjoying a rising popularity in the diets of people trying to gain an extra edge on the ravages of time and aging.

“You drink it, you feel it,” she said. “I don’t do well with the big claims of other supplements or vitamins but this is the real thing. It’s truly amazing, it restores your enzymes and feeds your body in a way the standard American diet can’t provide. The more you add it, the more benefits you see.”

The medicinal properties of wheatgrass and its energizing boost to the cellular system, anti-aging and overall wellness can’t be ignored. Wheatgrass is basically a baby wheat plant which has been cultivated and marketed for its nutritional health benefits.

Served juiced or powdered, this amazing superfood is packed with chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acids in high concentrations for maximum absorption and effect. The trick is to harvest the young wheatgrass at the exact point in its lifecycle at which nutrients are at their peak potency. Advocates of the miracle greens endorse it as a means to better digestion, increased energy, a preventative tonic for cancer, diabetes and a body detoxifier. Wheatgrass juice has also been proven to build red blood cells quickly after ingestion. It contains up to 70 percent chlorophyll, and the chlorophyll molecule is nearly identical to hemin, the central pigment in our blood.

“You can see the glow in people’s faces who are on it,” said Rhett. “You’re nourishing your body with things that are alive instead of dead. My job here at the bakery is to make people excited about whole foods, vegan eating and juicing. I want it to be fun and exciting and creative. To let people take their health in their own hands is a powerful transformation. The more people you get turned on, the more they’ll pass it on.” More…