Bakery Crew

2014 Fabulous Bakery Staff!! —

It has been amazing to have so many returning staff members this summer….my only regret is that it’s going waaaayyyy too fast! All of our staff this year have been rock solid and awesome in every way!


Bakery Crew! —

Bakery Crew! image

2014 Super Fun Summer Folks!!

The Bakery seems to attract such interesting, fabulous people! We have several staff who’ve been with us for years, and some new just this season! Here we are!


2013 summer!



2012 Wowza Summer Staff!!


Crew Photos from years past —

Crew Photos from years past image

I have had the great fortune to work with some of the most amazing people on this planet. Some come and go, some just go, and some stay and bless us with their presence everyday. Many have been my support system for many years and have each offered invaluable knowledge and insight to life, friendship, business and everything in between. My gratitude goes out to them and to all the folks that have made the Bakery my special family.