Missing what’s not there?

Today I was approached by someone who was missing the ingredients we’re working so hard to bake/cook without. It actually took me a minute to understand what she was trying to say. I’m so often confronted with complicated dietary restrictions that I immediately racked my brain to figure out what her “special need” was and what we could whip up for her. To my surprise, she told me that she really misses the butter, mayo, Canadian bacon, sugar items that we have used in our past and that it feels like our vegan/raw/gluten free niche has left her in the dust.

I’m not prone to long thoughtful pauses but…..

I finally explained to her that as my Bakery evolves and I evolve I get to change my decisions on the ingredients I use in my kitchen. Yes, I am vegan, Yes, I like to limit my sugar, and wheat intake, and Yes, I love Raw Foods and Green Smoothies.  I still have many items that I don’t eat on my menu, as a nod to my non veg/vegan friends. I work very hard to have something for everyone.  But ultimately my values and preferences will make their mark on my Bakery. Part of me feels like after 14 years I get to be more of who I am -create more of  a niche. Is this good business? I really don’t know.

My goal is to offer delicious menu items that you can’t get anywhere else. My passion is to turn people on to new healthier ways of eating, creative sustainable options for our bodies and our planet.  I know for sure I can’t go back, but it still smarts that I’m leaving some folks wanting.

2 Responses to “Missing what’s not there?”

  1. cindy says:

    You rock Angeline! Even us non-veg/vegans appreciate all of the delicious and creative food serve in the bakery. It is so fun to taste your interesting creations and NOT miss the bad stuff!!! Wish I could have you for my personal chef 🙂

  2. Kristin says:

    Hi Angeline! My family recently purchased a vacation home in sisters and I just ate at your bakery for the first time this weekend. I’m not vegan, but I’m severely lactose intolerant and have spent the last two years (since my diagnosis) trying to bake cinnamon rolls that taste GOOD. I had yours on Monday and it tasted incredible. I kept asking one of your employees if she was SURE it was REALLY vegan – as I was terrified I was going to get sick from something that tasted so good.

    All that to say… please keep making your AMAZING vegan goods. If your treats weren’t labeled and continually promised as vegan by your wonderful staff, I wouldn’t believe it. I love baked goods and cannot express how appreciative I am of your efforts to serve food that EVERYBODY can eat!

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