Warburton Art Exhibit, 2011

Clay Warburton’s art on display at Angeline’s, February 2011 until…

Clayton Warburton Clay’s Website
Clay is a full-time teacher at Sisters Elementary in Sisters, Oregon. He has been painting for the past several years and made his work available to the public in 2005. His work is inspired by the natural world, the mixing of color, and basic design. His pieces are a reflection of the connection he has with children and his travels.

Clay’s work was featured at the Bend Art Hopp (2007) and Bend’s Fall Festival in 2008, where he received the “Best of Jury” award. He has also been involved in the My Own Two Hands art auction for the past five years. His work entitled “Growing Up” helped raise $1,700 for the Americana Project, which helps fund many art programs throughout Sisters School District.