Angeline’s: A Staple in Sisters

Angeline’s Bakery & Cafe: A staple in Sisters
(by David Jasper, Bend Bulletin, 2004)

Open the door to Angeline’s Bakery & Cafe in Sisters, and it’s a double-whammy of sights and smells.

The colorful Sisters eatery features art on its walls and an array of baked goods, including scones, muffins, bagels and cookies in its cases. Add soups, daily specials like lasagna, quiche and sandwiches, and you’ve got Angeline’s.

Jewel’s “You Were Meant For Me” plays on the cafe’s sound system, but it might as well be “Temptation Eyes.”

Actually, “You Were Meant For Me” works, too.

Owner Angeline Rhett was at home with a new baby when The Bulletin stopped in, so supervisor Tisha Mann, who has worked at the bakery for three and a half years, discussed the history and ethos of Angeline’s.

The establishment has its roots in Rhett’s door-to-door sandwich sales in downtown Sisters. At the time, she made them in a smaller bakery space. With time came expansion to its current size, a cozy space that seats about 20. Each June, live music starts in the rear courtyard on Friday evenings, when beer and wine are available. It holds about 75 more.

Sisters residents make up the majority of Angeline’s clientele, says Mann. “We have a big local following,” she says. “We’re off the main street and we are a little harder to find for most of the tourists, as well as the fact that we don’t do doughnuts. We do more specialty items.”

Many of those items are wheat- and gluten-free, appealing to those with food intolerances, says Mann. Cookies, bread and scones are available gluten-free. Organic flour is used in items made with wheat. Likewise, muffins are made with honey instead of sugar.

“There’s something about the scones,” Mann says. “Everybody loves ’em. The whole wheat marionberry. Our bagels would be the other (menu favorite). We hand roll them every day, made from scratch.”

Angeline’s serves Sisters Coffee to wash it down.

For lunch, vegetarian and turkey bagel sandwiches and wraps are available. The daily specials include chicken enchiladas, vegetarian lasagna and spinach and mushroom quiche. “Special” is something of a misnomer for the quiche, which is available daily, at least until it sells out, a possibility given its popularity.

Mann adds that newcomers might want to try a scone, but “everybody has their favorites.” Everything sells itself. There’s nothing that hasn’t been noticed.

Dedicated locals and deliveries to Wild Oats Natural Marketplace and Nature’s General Store in Bend helps Angeline’s through the slower winter months, Mann says. Mostly, the business relies on word-of-mouth and summer, when the streets of Sisters swell with humanity.

“With so many bakeries around, you have to find your niche,” says Mann.